1 karate seminar & odmor (Palermo)

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1 karate seminar & odmor (Palermo)

Počalji od kasa taj 20/5/2010, 2:28 pm


at 14:00 arrival and accommodation in the rooms
15.30-16.00 Registration check-distribution program
16.30 - 18. Presentation teachers, early workouts
From 10.00 to 11.30
Children up to orange belt Loria/Leal (Group 1)
green / blue belt Maurino/Brancaleon (Group 2)
KATA brown / black Valdesi/Figuccio (Group 3)
KUMITE brown / black Benetello/Maniscalco
(Group 3)
From 16.00 to 17.30
Children up to orange belt Loria/Benetello
green / blue belt Valdesi/Brancaleon
KUMITE brown / black Maniscalco/Leal
KATA brown / black Maurino/Figuccio
From 10.00 to 11.30
Children up to orange belt Figuccio/Maurino
green / blue belt Leal/Benetello
KATA brown / black Valdesi/Brancaleon
KUMITE brown / black Maniscalco/Loria
From 16.00 to 17.30
Children up to orange belt Maurino/Brancaleon
green / blue belt Loria/Maniscalco
KUMITE brown / black Leal/Benetello
black belt meeting with M ° Zaccaro (technical
and referees)
From 10.00 to 12.00
KATA up to green belt Figuccio/Kline
KATA blue/ brown / black Valdesi/Brancaleon
KUMITE up to green belt Loria/Maniscalco
KUMITE blue/ brown / black Benetello/Leal
10.30 meeting with M ° Zaccaro (technical
and referees )
From 15.30
International Competition
Sicily Cup
From 10.00 to 11.30
KATA Valdesi/Maurino/Figuccio/Brancaleon/
KUMITE Benetello/Loria/Maniscalco/Leal
F E E S *
From Wednesday’s dinner to Sunday’s
lunch (included) = € 340,00
From Thursday’s dinner to Sunday’s lunch
(included) = € 290,00
From Friday’s dinner to Sunday’s lunch
(included) = € 250,00
(the above prices include the training
For non-training guests prices are as
follows: € 250 for 4 days; € 205 for 3 days
and € 150 for 2 days (prices include full
board accommodation, entrance to the
swimming pool and disco, participation to
all the free activities offered by the tourist
6 sessions = € 140 (from Thursday to
4 sessions = € 120
Saturday and Sunday € 80.
The sessions held by Sensei Zaccaro are free
and open only to back judges and technical
staff staying overnight in the village.
Saturday in the afternoon will be a
The registration fee for the International
Karate Event is of €5 for those taking part to
the five-day session, €20 for those only
taking part to the competition.
"Città del Mare" It's very near to the airport
of Palermo, less than 10 km (we have an
accord with some taxi and for only 10 euro
for person They will take you there).
To book the seminar you have to pay the 50%
now and 50% before than 25 of April.
Polisportiva Polo Verde AD
Via Filippo Paladini, 1
90145 Palermo
BANK: CREDEM Credito Emiliano 3032-0
ACCOUNT NUMBER : 010/0002187-1
IBAN: IT47 S030 3204 6040 1000 0002 187
* This fees are for person in triple room.


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Datum upisa : 20.03.2010

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